Comparison: How to find your graphics card for Second Life

Second Life is for sure one of the most pretentious applications. If your computer runs Second Life fast, faster, incredible fast, you can be sure that it will work with the most actual games at the speed of light. Ok, maybe almost.

After you tried different graphics settings in your viewer and optimized your software to run Second Life faster, you decided to look for a new graphics card. In this case this post should help you with your decisions.

With the right graphics card - if its right or not depends of the card for itself and how it fits to the rest of the computer infrastructure - you will be able to run Second Life fluid even in Ultra High resolution - mostly. Some SIMs let even the modernst technique work like a stop motion gadget.

I want to recommend the following chart. It shows the differences between a lot of graphics cards:

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The GTX 670 is indeed a wonderful performing graphics card if used with a modern processor and RAM - just another important keyword for running Second Life fast. In the same time I must honestly tell that the limit isn't reached with the GTX 670. There are also other fast solutions. But isnt it always the same when talking about limits?

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I was using a netbook that was not even working for Second Life until Singularity supported the built-in "graphics card". So I started to create first machinima videos with 15 frames per second (the human eye can work with 50 per second) - and learned a lot under these hard circumstances.

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