How to avoid Lag. 10 tips for a faster Second Life

Let's improve your experiences with Second Life. Nobody needs a super computer to enjoy Second Life. Just work with the following useful tips to run Second Life faster:

1. Visit fast & tidy SIM's

One of the easiest ways to improve immediately the speed. Meet your friends in lag friendly SIM's which means places without particles here and there and without a lot of objects that your computer needs to load. Mesh designed SIM's let your computer be more relaxed too. The amount of people in a location also influences the speed. Here is a list of some places:

2. Disable Aero (for Windows 7 users)

Windows Aero is usually activated. You can deactivate it and improve the computer performance in one minute by following this instructions:

1. Right click the Desktop
2. Click Personalize
3. Under 'Basic and High Contrast Themes, click 'Windows 7 Basic'

Find a picture guide at

3. Check the computer for background applications and too much security

Everybody wants a safe computer, but programs that you don't use are running in the background and so slow down the computer speed. Do you use more than 1 security program in the background, like a anti virus program? Is there office, game or other applications in the background that you don't use? Delete this programs or at least deactive inactive programs. For more details try 12 Tips to Speed up Windows 7 by but don't forget to come back. More tips are waiting for you.

4. Run your viewer without other programs in the same time

Do you need a open browser in the same time while using your Second Life viewer? Or do you sometimes work with additional programs, like a graphics editor? If you really want to enjoy Second Life at its fastest, try to avoid this situation.

5. Try different viewers

We tested viewers on netbook, notebooks and on desktop computers. As every viewer behaviour is different on different systems (viewer "A" was slower than viewer "B" when used on one computer, but viewer "A" can be faster than viewer "B" on another computer system) we don't want to judge about the speed of viewers in generally. In our point of view, Singularity is the viewer for simple netbook, notebook and desktop systems and can even support old computer components, while the official Second Life viewer supports the features of modern computer components, so that means we recommend the original viewer in this case. You should really try different viewers to find out what is the best for your system. You can find a list of viewers here:

6. Check the viewers graphics settings

Users of slow computers should begin with a low graphics setting. You can improve the graphics later. Our goal for this moment is to improve the performance.

Set max # of impostor non-impostor avatars to 1 in the beginning.

When an application runs in fullscreen mode, it runs in "exclusive mode". So run Second Life in fullscreen mode.

Begin with a low resolution like 800 x 600 and increase it later until you reached the limit for a fluid experience.

7. Check the viewers network settings

Set the cache size not too high and not too less. Choose a value up to 1000 MB. A value of 500 MB should be usually enough, especially for slow computer systems. Set the bandwith to maximum, in our example 3000 kbps:

8. Activate fans of the computer

Some of the computer components can slow down if they are becoming too hot and so reach a defined limit. Make sure that the ventilation inside your computer works pretty good. For notebook users: Don't block the louver. In generally: Activate all fans. Some computers are having a fan control - use it.

9. Check your internet connection

What kind of internet access do you use - cable or wireless (WLAN)? Do you use a weak wireless network it often easily helps to reduce the distance between your computer and the wireless access point (router). The wireless access point shouldn't be influenced by other objects in the surrounding; for example a router behind a cabinet. Other electronic devices in the surrounding of your computer or router can also influence the WLAN connection. Cable users please check if all the connected cables are free of damages and connected properly.

10. Design your avatar graphics card friendly

Did you know that the design of your avatar influences the speed characteristics of your display output? The standard viewer settings show your avatar on the screen. Your computer has to work on flexi hair, complicated clothes, particles and so on. The more sophisticated your avatar, the more your graphics card has to perform and this increases the probability to end in slow graphics behaviour.

Try this tips to influence the speed:

Instead of using hair which uses a lot of flexible prims that are influenced by movements and wind, try to use hair with less prims or without flexible prims. You can try to use detailed mesh hair for more realistic impressions and which isn't depending on too much computer performance in the same time.

Some clothes have the ability to decrease the performance a lot. Flexible prims are used very often for ballroom dresses and other exclusive outfits. Be sure they can be one of the reasons for a slow performance. Give it a try and wear more simple clothes without flexible prims. I promise you will see a difference.

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