Secrets Of Firestorm

TOPIC | Second Life runs faster with the maximum of your Firestorm (v4.4.2.34167) viewers draw distance. Get the best out of your computer and watch this amazing informations:

EXPLANATION | Second Life runs usually faster with a minimum of draw distance. You will notice the opposite with a shadows activated Firestorm viewer like used in this test. In this case a minimum of draw distance will result in a bad frame rate. There seems to be this one simple reason: shadows are calculated in another (more complicated) way when decreasing the draw distance - which means more work for the computer. Just pay attention what happens with the shadows on the leaves while Maxim is in-/decreasing the draw distance. Good news for fans of this viewer and for those who want to see well over a distance, especially with shadows activated.

CREDITS | Voice: - English (US) - Will (LittleCreature) (All rights reserved) | Background Music: Jeremy Soule - Under an Ancient Sun (All rights reserved) | World: Second Life | SIM: Skye Glas | Testsystem: Windows 7, Intel I7 processor, nVidia GTX graphics, Firestorm Release v4.4.2.34167

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